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"Hope Bolinger is a fresh new voice in young adult fiction. Teen readers won’t be able to stop turning pages to find out what will happen to Daniel and his trio of friends in this witty, contemporary take on familiar Bible stories for a new generation. Den has something for everyone: adventure, relatable characters, themes of faith in difficult times, humor, and, of course, lots of fire."

 - Amy Green, author of the Amarias Adventures

Nominated for the 2020 INSPY Longlist the Blaze trilogy takes the Book of Daniel and places it in a high school.

Danny, and his three friends, face fire, lions, and terrifying visions as they are forced to attend their rival school King's Academy. 

Will they face their fears or fall prey to the pressures of their peers, the administration, and possible death?


Danny Belte barely survived his sophomore year at King’s Academy.


His junior year doesn’t start off much better. Facing a series of mysterious suicide attempts that begin on day one—and a disturbing pattern that appears to connect them—Danny has a feeling something far more sinister is at play. He tries to narrow down a list of suspects as those closest to him disappear, one by one.


Can he protect his friends from a possible murderer on the loose? Or will he find himself trapped in a fate worse than a lions’ den?

If you want to stay sane, don't remember.


After Danny Belte ends up with a gunshot wound to the head, he's shipped off to a local psychiatric center under the assumption he'd attempted suicide. Knowing that a classmate had tried to kill him, and having a photographic memory to prove it, keeps him sane. After meeting the fun and playfully rebellious members of his ward, he suspects that some underlying connection ties them all together. Haunted by revealing visions, he may have a chance at discovering one conflict of interest that will buy their ticket out of the ward.


But memories are dangerous things. He may just make as many enemies as friends. Enemies who want his memories erased.


Or worse, want him dead.


The Blaze Trilogy answers the question, what would the book of Daniel look like if it was set in a modern high school? Vision brings the adventures of Danny Belte to a satisfying conclusion.