Submission Guidelines

Hope is currently open to reading submissions of completed works (fiction) or three chapters and a proposal (nonfiction) from authors of the following genres:


Fiction: Young Adult, Middle Grade, some Historical (especially Historical Fiction that fits between the Babylonian and Ancient Greek periods), some Speculative (more on the Fantasy than Sci-Fi side, unless time travel is involved), some Suspense/Thriller/Mystery, and some Romance (especially male/female, dual-perspective, 55,000-60,000-word, third person, contemporary: yes, all of those at the same time), and anything related to Mental Health that is tastefully done 


Nonfiction: Humor  (tastefully done), Christian Living (with a decent platform), some books about Families and Relationships (usually geared more for the Inspirational market) , Children's (especially STEM focus)  


Hope is closed to and will not accept the following genres:


Fiction: Horror, Erotica, New Adult (unless a series that starts in Young Adult)


Nonfiction: Memoir (unless you have a significant platform)


For any genres not listed, send Hope a one-page query letter, and she'll decide on a case-by-case basis if your book is a good fit for her. If, however, your book does fit into the categories Hope is open to reading, please do the following:


                              1.  Proofread all submissions materials before sending. Make sure to run all documents through spell                                        check and have at least one other person double check the materials.


                              2. Send via email a one-page query to that includes the word count, genre,                                          elevator pitch (a sentence that describes the concept of your book), and any significant platform                                              numbers (such as social media following, future speaking engagements, etc.)


                              3. Attach as a Word Doc. or PDF the first three chapters and a proposal. The proposal should include                                    some comparative titles, platform numbers, and a synopsis (for fiction) or chapter outline (for                                                  nonfiction) for the book. If you want to include other material in the proposal such as character                                               descriptions or the marketing plan for the book, those are absolutely fine to include. 


                             4. Wait four weeks before sending a nudge email. Standard time is typically 6-8 weeks, but Hope will                                     attempt to send a response within a month if possible. 


Some helpful links for getting your submission ready: