10 Characters (7 female / 3 male)
10 to 15 minutes


The angel Gabby teaches Bailey that the past and future are rather complicated. And, sometimes, hindsight is not always 20/20.

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Christmas according to the Cow

7 Characters (2 F / 5 Either) – Several extras possible
20-25 minutes


We’ve heard the Christmas story countless times, but never like this. Hear from the inanimate and animals in the story, and learn about Christmas in a whole new way.

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Homeward Bound 

2 Characters (1 male / 1 female)
10 to 15 minutes


A retelling of the Israelite’s return from the Babylonian captivity. Ezzie and Nehemiah stumble into their old, abandoned church when searching for Ezzie’s keys. Battling the ghosts of the church’s past, they walk down memory’s lane. Is the church worth saving? And can it ever be rebuilt from the ruins of the past?

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