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The Formal Bio 

Acquisitions Editor. Published Novelist.

Hope Bolinger is a Managing & Acquisitions Editor at End Game Press and the Founder of Generation Hope Books. 


More than 1600 of her works have been featured in various publications ranging from Writer's Digest to Keys for Kids to HOOKED to 


She has worked for various publishing companies, magazines, newspapers, and literary agencies and has edited the work of 300+ authors such as Jerry B. Jenkins and Michelle Medlock Adams. 


Twenty-nine of her books are under contract or out now with traditional publishers, and she hopes more of her stories will find a home soon. She has also contributed to eighteen other books.

She has won awards for her essays, poetry, children's books, novels, and plays.

Her favorite way to procrastinate is by connecting with readers on Instagram and Twitter @hopebolinger


The Informal Bio 


The Informal Bio 

Hi! My name is Hope, and I bet you probably can't come up with a Hope joke I haven't heard before. 

I am Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt combined: the best combo of driven and nerdy. You'll find me accidentally editing entire books in a day or dressing up like Red Riding Hood in public for no reason. 

I started writing books at 16, because my best friend wrote them, and I wanted something to talk about other than Doctor Who.

After querying agents as a teen, I learned that this industry is tough and gets tougher by the day.

So I studied professional writing at Taylor University, became a literary agent a year before I graduated. I helped 70+ books find homes during my time at the agency.

When I'm not accidentally writing a book in 5-8 days, I love to participate in local theater, do modeling gigs, sing in choir, and get lost in Ohio's metro parks.

Please let me know how I can encourage you on your writing journey or pray for you on your spiritual walk. 

This industry is tough, but you're tougher. Keep writing. 


List of Traditionally Published Books 

List of Published Plays 

Books I've Contributed To

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