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Want to learn more about the publishing industry? I got you! I regularly teach classes at the Serious Writer Academy. Check out my courses below! 


Before anyone endeavors the great American novel or even a haiku, one should consider what type of writer they are. Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of Pantsers and Planners can help writers hone their craft more easily.


Ready to submit your manuscript to a literary agency but feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark? Instructor Hope Bolinger shares in this course that agents receive thousands of manuscripts a year, and the majority of those writers make the same mistakes. Stand out from the crowd and have a better chance of an agent taking notice of your work


Whether we’re struggling with depression or straight up don’t want to face the keyboard today, or yesterday, or for the past year, Hope has 50 tips on how to get those creative juices flowing. Author of the monthly column, “Hope’s Hacks,” featured on Cyle Young’s blog and newsletter, Hope knows a thing or two about getting in a slump and dozens of ways to get out of it.


One of the most common reasons agents and editors reject a manuscript is because the dialogue doesn’t quite sing. In this video, Hope will discuss 50 ways to make the dialogue sound more natural and propelling the plot forward instead of forcing it to be at a standstill.


You have a book out (or are hoping to in the future). You posted on Facebook, had about six friends buy the book, posted again, nothing. Repeat. Facebook is saturated with “Buy my book” posts, and you’re getting lost in the crowd. Consider 40 other marketing ideas that are fun, easy, and might get more attention than just a Facebook post. 

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