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Adult Romance

Sweet romances to warm your heart


Picture Imperfect (Roseville Romances #1)

Can a struggling career woman and a procrastinating artist save a beloved nonprofit? 


Aspiring novelist Caroline Penn expected a promotion, not a picture book assignment. But when her employer, the non-profit Helping Hope, runs into financial trouble, this book might be the solution. With the company struggling to stay afloat, she and the illustrator will need to collaborate on a strict deadline—no problem for a workaholic like Caroline, right? 


Andy Jackson, a “starving” artist, pays the bills by taking on graphic design gigs, but his perfectionism gets in the way. If only he could focus on a project for once, perhaps he could achieve his dream to make art for children for a living.  


When the two are thrust together to create a book, Caroline can’t seem to write for children, and Andy can’t meet a deadline to save his life. As time ticks down to release day, the two must face their pasts and insecurities. If they can avoid strangling one another for long enough, they may just bring to the table what the other is missing.  


If not, the fate of their careers—and a beloved nonprofit—hangs in the balance. 


Finding Harmony (Roseville Romances #2)

Elijah can't seem to catch a break with his church's congregation. As a worship leader, he struggles to find a way to make everyone happy, especially Don, a man who drove out the last worship leader.


Liv says yes to everything, music lessons, extra shifts at She Brews, to the point where she can't seem to maintain her balance, literally and figuratively. Too bad jobs keep falling through and bills keep piling up.


Together they'll enter an indie songwriting competition, with a Grand Prize amount of $20,000, enough money to help Liv's dad recover and pay his hospital bills.

But winning the competition might mean losing themselves in the process. They'll have to find a way to strike harmony between writing songs they love and songs the audience actually wants to hear.

CurtainCallFrontFinal (1).jpg

Curtain Call (Roseville Romances #3)

Griffith can't seem to do anything right in his parents' eyes. At least not compared to his brother, who does amazing missionary work in the Dominican Republic. Doesn't help that they feel wary about his so-called job working as a playwright-slash-director at a local theater. But one shot to land a full-time job at a local theater may be his only chance to follow his calling to the arts.

Hadassah has given up so many dreams after her sister got married. Helping corral her siblings in her large homeschool family, and facing the pressures to marry a childhood not-so-sweetheart, she feels that acting in a community theater show may be her last opportunity to pursue her dreams. 

They don't expect to play leads in the show...nor how much they bring out the best in each other through their stage chemistry...and "other" chemistry.

But an envious stage manager, and director with far too many demands, might not only derail the show, but cause the curtains to close on any romance the two had together.


Getting Reel (Roseville Romances #4)

Ryan loves the feeling of control, especially when it comes to his photography work and indie movies. But when he gets the opportunity to enter an indie film festival—rumored to have Hollywood bigwigs attending—he can't afford for anything to be less than pristine.

Enter Zinnia, who has been trying to enter the acting scene since college. Now in her late twenties, and working for the not-job-of-her-dreams, this indie film project may be her last chance to make it onto the screen, before directors turn her away for "being too old to play a love interest." 

The two clash as their visions and need to be in charge causes friction with the cast as well as their friendships. 

Maybe they can find it in themselves to collaborate...and accept the explosive chemistry between them. Or maybe they'll cause the project to implode on itself and kiss that Hollywood riding-into-the-sunset ending goodbye.

Purple and Red Leaves Illustration Children's Book Cover.png

As This

Essi has learned not to expect much out of life. She lost her parents at a young age and helps her uncle run a diner in east Cleveland.

So when she’s selected for the hit show “A Prince and a Proposal”—a reality show who competes sixteen eligible women for the chance to be engaged to royalty—she doesn’t know what to make of this whirl of events nor the prince on the show, Xes.

But the prince's advisor seems to have a history with a family member of Essi's. If he learns about their connection, not only can he tarnish her reputation, but he could destroy the family restaurant.

Can true love really happen in a handful of episodes? And can it last the trials of bad blood?

Purple and Red Leaves Illustration Children's Book Cover.png


Emerson Levi is a matchmaker, trying to make ends meet at her Christian college by pairing couples—for a fee. 

When a snarky apartment mate by the name of Jana claims Em can't find a ring by spring, Em takes her on a bet. If Em wins, she gets $20,000. Loses, and she has to pay all her former clients back, landing herself in a pool of debt.

Meanwhile, Em takes pity on an awkward senior transfer, and decides to match this girl with her future husband for free.

Em has one year to find her future husband and match herself, and her new friend. Or she'll tarnish far more than just her business, but maybe even, herself.

Matchmaker takes a sober look at Christian dating culture and provides several solutions to help include the people it has hurt. Taking its cues from Jane Austen's Emma this comedy of manners shows many of the pitfalls of religious dating.

Purple and Red Leaves Illustration Children's Book Cover.png


Sonja and Jonas have been in the talking phase for about three months. 250 hours spent getting to know one another. And now they're finally ready to meet in person.

Trouble is, when they meet up at a Laurelville-favorite cafe, Out of This World, they realize that they're not only in a different state...but a different universe.

A wormhole connects their laptops, allowing them to communicate.

Deciding to move forward with their relationship, they'll try to find a way to cross from one universe to the next.

Unfortunately, a number of scientists grow worried about what open wormholes could do the fabric of space-time, and seek to form a barrier between their worlds. 

Jonas and Sonja hope to cross literal stars to meet each other, but if they don't make it in time, they'll lose touch with each other. Forever. 

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