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Short Stories + Plays

Pretty self-explanatory

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10 Characters (7 female / 3 male)
10 to 15 minutes


The angel Gabby teaches Bailey that the past and future are rather complicated. And, sometimes, hindsight is not always 20/20.

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Christmas according to the Cow

7 Characters (2 F / 5 Either) – Several extras possible
20-25 minutes


We’ve heard the Christmas story countless times, but never like this. Hear from the inanimate and animals in the story, and learn about Christmas in a whole new way.

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Homeward Bound 

2 Characters (1 male / 1 female)
10 to 15 minutes


A retelling of the Israelite’s return from the Babylonian captivity. Ezzie and Nehemiah stumble into their old, abandoned church when searching for Ezzie’s keys. Battling the ghosts of the church’s past, they walk down memory’s lane. Is the church worth saving? And can it ever be rebuilt from the ruins of the past?


Virtually in Love

A former hitman who wants to reconnect with someone he failed to kill...a ghost who hopes his old-flame can fall in love with his best friend...a frost giant and a Minotaur adjusting to immortalisation and inevitably falling in love.


What do all these stories have in common? They all follow couples who fall head over heels, virtually.


From Facetime to Zoom and everything in between, these lovers will discover that love doesn't know what distance is. And you can find your soulmate, yes, even on a screen.



Cinderella in a banana suit at a Comic Convention? Jack reverting to a life of scamming dates instead of giants from beanstalks?


Your favourite fairy tales reimagined with a modern twist.


Explore your favourite characters interacting in college dorms, on coffee dates, and yes, even at Renaissance Faires. Happily Ever After gets a twist in the After.


FantaSea Anthology

Tales of pirate and ports, smugglers and sirens and sea-kelpies, mermaids and marauders, lighthouses and lost islands

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