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Middle Grade

Books for Middle Schoolers

Cassandra Curse eBook Cover.jpg

The Cassandra Curse

Charity’s acts of kindness always end in disaster, but when one clown costume too many lands her in the Vice Principal’s office, she receives a mysterious note from a group called “The Cassandra Coalition,” asking her if she wants to be rid of the curse that seems to follow her. 


The teens of the coalition claim to be cursed by a mirror world connected with their hometown known as Delphos. To make things worse, Delphos appears to be invading their world and turning people into zombies—either that, or someone switched all the coffee to decaf. 


When one of their members goes missing, they’ll try to track her down, close the portal to their world, and find a way to end their curse, before the curse ends them.

Purple and Red Leaves Illustration Children's Book Cover.png


Night at the Museum meets See You in the Cosmos


Travis Alonzo knows that going to a science museum, the day his dad tells him about the divorce, probably isn’t the best idea. But his Troops group has decided to camp there for the night for a lock-in. Problem is, once the museum workers lock the doors, the exhibits come to life. And they seem bent on killing all the inhabitants locked inside.


He and his friends in Troop 927 will have to find a way to use the scientific method to save the other Scouts in the museum and find a way to escape.


And it could be just his imagination, but maybe the scientific method may be able to help him with his troubles at home too.

Paintball With Dragons - Readers' Favorite- Option 2.png

Paintball with Dragons

Xander Carson already has it tough, dealing with the sudden death of his older brother in a car accident. 


Mason and him did everything together. Paintball fights in their backyard, pickup games of basketball. And now...nothing.


But life gets weirder when he can see dragons, wyverns, and other lizard creatures in his school hallways. And no one else seems to notice.


He discovers that dragons only make themselves visible to those dealing with extraordinary grief. Having using this as a defense mechanism back in medieval times when knights were slaying dragons in droves.


And his new friendship with the dragons may be just what he needs to not only help other friends who experience grief ... but to help him heal as well.

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