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Ready to take

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To impress publishers and other industry professionals, a manuscript must be absolutely polished. 

Need some help getting your manuscript ready to submit or publish?

Notebook and Pen
I'm here to help!

I've edited 300+ authors. This includes NYT bestselling authors and multi-published authors. I have edited manuscripts that were published by Illuminate YA, Broadstreet Publishing, Olivia Kimbrell Press, New Hope, Mountain Brook Ink, End Game Press, Indiana University Press, and Intense Publications, among several other traditional publishing houses.

Having been trained by industry professionals at Taylor University, having held several industry positions that involved editorial tasks, and having taken several courses on editing, I am thoroughly equipped to help you add the polishing touches to your manuscript. 

My Rates

I know many authors are operating on an air-tight budget, so I promise to offer fair rates.


Novels (40,000+ words) and Nonfiction Books (20,000+ words) - 3 Week Turnaround 

The Bolinger Editing Package - The Bolinger Editing Package includes a developmental edit (content edit) with a moderate copy edit. The developmental edit includes a detailed analysis of the plot consistency, character arcs, pacing, organization, dialogue, and anything "big picture" about the book. The copy edit will include a polishing of glaring grammar errors, research inconsistencies, and suggestions on how to avoid repetitive sentence structures and wording. 

Cost of The Bolinger Editing Package: $0.015/word pre-edit 

40,000 words = $600

50,000 words = $750


Beta Read - 2 Week Turnaround

The Bolinger Beta Read - This beta read includes an analysis of a complete manuscript as well as suggestions for how to fix big-picture errors such as plot inconsistencies, flat character arcs, spotty pacing, etc. 

Cost of Bolinger Beta Read/Content Critique: $200/60,000 words

**Additional $15 for additional 5,000 words (rounded up)** 


I want an edit or a sample edit, how do I reach out? 

Email me at, and I'd love to collaborate with you!

I don't see the type of edit I'm looking for on here (a proposal edit, a first 10 pages critique, a three chapters critique, etc.). What do I do? 

Email me at, and I'll send additional rates. 

Are you sure you can't go cheaper than these rates?

Unfortunately, no. These are as cost-efficient as I can get them. Many editors will charge for more in the industry. But I promise to work my hardest to make your manuscript the best it can be. 

Do you require a down payment? 

At the moment, I do not. I'm trusting the authors who work with me to send the payment immediately upon receipt of their manuscript edit. If authors abuse this and don't send the payment, I will in the future require a downpayment. 

But I'm a Christian. Help a brother or sister out, and give us a cheaper edit.

Although I do love collaborating with fellow Christians on projects, I can't offer cheaper rates than what's listed above, even if your book or project is written for ministerial purposes.

How will you accept payment? 

I'll send instructions for payment as soon as I turn in the edit to you. A physical check is preferable, but I can accommodate electronic payments through Paypal and other similar online payment methods. I'm flexible. 

What genres are you NOT accepting?

Good question. I accept all genres except Erotica and Horror (I'm fine with books having some horror elements, but it can't be the main genre). Otherwise, I'm open to editing most genres. I've helped edit picture books, chapter books, MG/YA, and most adult genres. I also do have a playwriting background and can help edit stage plays, but I don't have much of a screenplay background and wouldn't recommend sending me your screenplays. 

I want to get on a phone call with you to discuss this more!

So sorry, but I don't accept phone calls. Leaving out certain names, I have had people in the past who spent (literally) hours on the phone with me, trying to find out if I was the PERFECT editor for them. In the end, they didn't end up hiring me, and I'd spent several hours of my life on calls with them that I could've spent doing more productive work. Keep in mind, many editors work at least $20-40/hour. If you get them on an hour phone call, that's $20-40 they could receive working on edits. 

Can I ask questions after the editing process?

I am totally fine with answering clarifying questions on my edits. I would say: make sure to keep the questions edit-specific. I've had some people try to ask book coaching advice or marketing advice. For those questions, I recommend getting a book coach. 

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