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Who Is Rose Hathaway?

The story behind the pseudonym

As an author, I have been both blessed and cursed with the ability to create a lot of stories. And to create them quickly.

This was great when it came to having tons of book babies to cradle.

This was not so great when my readers got overwhelmed with how many books I had coming out at once.

So myself, and one of my publishers, hatched an idea. For some of my books, I'd take on a pseudonym.

That way, I couldn't be hindered by only being able to release three books a year (I know, I know, "only").

So if you find any. books by Rose Hathaway, they are by Hope Bolinger. Rose, because I like roses. They symbolize regrowth in the midst of pain. And Hathaway because of ties with Shakespeare, one of my favorite playwrights. 


Why Would an Author Use a Pseudonym?

Authors can take on a pseudonym for a variety of reasons.

I've known male authors to take on female pseudonyms,  because they figured they'd fare better in the romance genre that way.

I've also known the converse to be true. Female authors adopting a more gender-neutral name to appeal to male readers.

Or, like in my case, I just write too many darn books, and don't want to overwhelm my readers.

I'd actually asked a different publisher a while back if I could take on a pseudonym for genre consistency, but they vetoed the idea. 

So I'm over the moon that I get a chance to try on a pseudonym now.

Don't worry. I'll have plenty of books still go under Hope Bolinger. I just want to make sure I don't overwhelm readers too much. 

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