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Blog Tour: Lorraine Cannell

As always, I'm thrilled to have authors stop here for blog tours. Lorraine Cannell is talking about her YA psychological murder mystery

Should I Self Publish?

Most writers debate at least once in their careers if they should go the traditional route, self-publish, or something in-between.

Good Versus Bad Query Letters

As an agent, I get literally hundreds of submissions a month. Some of my colleagues receive thousands. In fact, according to "So You Can't Seem to Land an Agent Now What" published on ECPA, "Conventional trade publishers, like Thomas Nelson, receive thousands of unsolicited book proposals every year." And believe it or not, sometimes authors make the same mistakes. Here are two examples of queries: one good, one bad. The bad one mixes together some of the most egregious letter we've seen at C.Y.L.E. ​​Dear Sir/Madam, I am a bestselling author in the Indie Market. I’ve sold many Erotica titles, my latest earning $40.13 in sales (half from my family and fan base). I have one I recently wrote w

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