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Author Spotlight: Jennifer Hallmark

Although I feature some amazing authors on here, seldom do I get a chance to feature a friend.

Author of the amazing book Jessie's Hope and a fellow debut launch of 2019, I absolutely cannot wait for you all to meet Jennifer.

Hi, Jennifer! Tell us about Jessie's Hope.

Jennifer: Jessie’s Hope is a southern novel about love and family. In the South, the two are inseparable. Jessie Smith is left paralyzed as a child after a car accident which killed her mother. Jessie is now engaged to Matt Jansen, her high school sweetheart. But the odds are against her as she tries to find her estranged father, plan a wedding, and fend off a former rival for Matt’s attention.

Such a good story, full of wonderful characters! Now, I know you spent a lot of time on this story. What is the hardest part of the writing process?

Jennifer: The hardest part to me is creating a plausible plot, then layering the story. It takes time to create characters and their intersecting lives in a novel. It’s painstaking to draw up both a story line and timeline in your story world so it all works.

Oh, absolutely! Making everything work together can be tricky. Now, I know there are a lot of great scenes in this, but did you have a favorite scene to write?

Jennifer: In Jessie’s Hope, I loved writing the scene where Angeline (the antagonist) meets Matt’s cousin, Ben. It’s humorous and embarrassing for her. 😊

Agreed! Speaking of great characters like Ben, do you have a favorite?

Jennifer: Jessie’s Papaw, Homer Smith. He struggles to provide for his family and is often down on himself. He’s a character that you cheer for all the more.

I love Homer! One of the best characters by far. OK, last question. Any advice for writers?


  • Study the craft.

  • Read in different genres.

  • Go to writing conferences and retreats.

  • Make friends there and online with new writers, seasoned writers, editors, agents, and publishers. Do this with a mindset to be a blessing to them and you will be blessed also.

Absolutely! And I love how you used bullet points. I do that all the time. Writers, take notes, get a copy of Jessie's Hope, and give Jennifer a follow!

Jessie’s Hope

Years ago, an accident robbed Jessie Smith’s mobility. It also stole her mom and alienated her from her father. When Jessie's high school sweetheart Matt Jansen proposes, her parents’ absence intensifies her worry that she cannot hold on to those she loves.

With a wedding fast approaching, Jessie's grandfather Homer Smith, has a goal to find the perfect dress for "his Jessie," one that would allow her to forget, even if for a moment, the boundaries of her wheelchair. But financial setbacks and unexpected sabotage hinder his plans.

Determined to heal from her past, Jessie initiates a search for her father. Can a sliver of hope lead to everlasting love when additional obstacles--including a spurned woman and unpredictable weather--highjack Jessie's dream wedding?

Purchase links:

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Jennifer Hallmark writes Southern fiction and has published 200+ internet articles and interviews, short stories in several magazines, and has co-authored three book compilations. Her debut novel, Jessie’s Hope, released on June 17th, 2019.

When she isn’t babysitting or gardening, you can find her at her desk writing fiction or working on her two blogs. She also loves reading detective fiction from the Golden Age and viewing movies like LOTR or Star Wars. Sometimes you can even catch her watching American Ninja Warrior.


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