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Author Spotlight: Melanie Kilsby

I'm a huge fan of FairyTale retellings, so I absolutely cannot wait for you to meet the author of a unique angle on Snow White.

Melanie, welcome! Tell us about your book.

My book is a Snow White retelling with a twist. Queen Matilda's tale from the 12th century is woven throughout making for a very interesting Queen bent on doing anything to rule as an Empress.

It's a book about two women's lives. How they each dealt with toxic parents and its affect on their paths, for better or for worse.

It's about finding strength within our weaknesses, true purpose through sacrifice, love despite losing everything, redemption and how holding onto pieces of the past can sometimes direct our future.

I love the idea! So fun. I'm sure there was a lot that went into the book. Tell me about the biggest difficulty in writing this.

This book took over a year to complete.

With 5 children and a full-time job, it was a difficult accomplishment. I also have dyslexia.

And even though I've completed the novel with its first edited draft, I know it won't be completely polished. I have to work three times harder than the average person to complete a first draft being Dyslexic. There are things within the book that I'll have completely missed because of my disability and there's nothing I can do about it. That is frustrating.

Though it can also be rewarding. Because despite this and through God's strength alone, I completed the book. That in itself is something to be proud of because its half the battle.

Absolutely. And you certainly will inspire other authors and readers who are dealing with similar struggles. Thank you so much for sharing! OK, I love this question. What is your favorite scene/scenes to write?

My favourite scenes to write were actually of Queen Amara. Her role was imperative to the narration of this novel and I wanted to bring Queen Matilda's historical past to life in her. Her life had been an incredible impact on history and I wanted to represent that through Queen Amara.

You certain have some intriguing characters in this. Do you have a favorite one?

Favourite character is... all of them. It's like asking which child of mine is my favourite, lol! I can't pick one.

Totally get it! It's so hard to pick. OK, last question. What is your advice for authors?

My advice for writers would be to continue your dreams of being an author despite your mistakes along the way. Don't be afraid of them. Learn from them and be dedicated, keeping your hand to the plough. Give God the Glory when you make it through, He deserves it!

Well, I absolutely cannot wait to see this book when it comes out. When it does, we'll have to have you come back to this blog so we can spotlight the book again!

Readers, give Melanie a follow (social media links below).

Back Book Cover

Queen Amara wants more than Eira’s beauty, she wants the Empire and she will do anything to get it. Even if it means killing whoever got in her way.

Only ever wanting to be loved, Eira White is thrust out of her kingdom by the very man sworn to protect her--her father. Now, she's being hunted by the only mother she had ever known--Queen Amara. In her weakness, Eira White clings to the voice of her father and the memories of her past to help save her future. "Remember Eira. Remember what your mother told you..."

Prince Owen Wilhelm of Wales has left his father’s kingdom on pilgrimage and will travel the world if it means bringing his missing sister back because if he can't, he will be forced to marry and become King after his father dies instead of his eldest sister. So when a sinister plan reaches his ears, he has to choose between finding his sister or aiding a beautiful girl in the fight against a wicked Queen for a Kingdom that's not his own.

Biographical Sketch

My superhero gig is being a mother of 5 energetic children, but to them, I'm just mom.

I’ve worked as a pastor’s wife for 6 years, written various articles, poems and book reviews for Love Is Moving, a Canadian Youth Magazine and published one Christian

Contemporary novel called, Facing The Grey with Tate Publishing—though the Publisher went under and it never fully published.

Building a community of Christian believers who love to read clean books centred on Christ is my passion. I'm on BookTube, Twitter and Bookstagram. Currently, you can find me nestled under a canopy of forest trees penning Fairy Tale's and intertwining history within them, making for one epic adventure. My hope is to draw readers closer to the love of my life--Jesus.

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@ChristianYABooksandMore on Instagram


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