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Five Reasons to Make a Book Spotify Playlist

As a writer, I procrastinate. Shocker.

I waffle when I have to edit. Check Twitter about a dozen times when I just don't feel much like fine-tuning Chapter Seven.

I waste a lot of time.

So why not make use of the lost time by doing something that makes me excited? This past week, my friend Sarah, introduced me to her fantastic Spotify playlist for her book Iniquity. Not only does this thing make me want to run a marathon, but it inspired me to create my own.

Here's what I learned through building a list over the course of a few hours:

1. It doesn't feel like wasted time.

It doesn't. I've known writers to listen to the playlists they created while writing. It helps set the tone for them. Especially for those writers who dabble in fantasy, nothing like a Game of Thrones soundtrack can put them in their setting.

2. It helps you understand your characters.

Danny in Den has anxiety. When listening to "Car Radio" by Twenty-One Pilots, I have a better understanding of what it's like hopping into his head. Something about music helps us to empathize with the plights of others. The mixture of the words and melody seem to pull off a kind of magic that even books cannot.

3. It gives you something to work out to.

Unless you're writing a sad book with mostly depressing songs, your soundtrack will likely accompany you to the gym. Writers have to exercise. Working out has proven to work through writer's block in the past.

4. It's fun.

I have definitely put off homework more than I should to compile this playlist. This has turned into my temporary addiction.

5. It gives you something free to share with readers.

Authors often give readers stuff for free. Whether through giveaways of merchandise or free novellas to accompany a published book, writers want readers to geek out about their books as much as they do.

Solution for poor authors (cough, cough, thanks Taylor University for zapping all my giveaway funds for your tuition, cough, cough): a playlist.

Want to check out the playlist for Den?

Also, drop me any playlists you've created in the comment box below. I'd love to take a listen.

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