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I Posted Every Day on Instagram for a Month (Here's What Happened)

My marketing director at IlluminateYA encouraged us to post on Instagram each day in July (whether on our stories or on our feed).

I'd never strayed much beyond posting once a week, so I would now enter new territory.

For 31 days, I posted either on my story or on my feed, about 3 feed pictures per week and 4 stories to cover the rest. Here's what happened in those days:

1. Growth Went Up a Little

Usually, on Instagram, whenever you post, you tend to gain a few more followers, depending on the hashtags used.

It's nothing to write home about, but I did get about 350 new followers in that month. Considering I usually gain about 100 followers a month, that did show posting more helped boost the numbers.

2. Habits Developed

Now, into August 1st, I already posted today.

We can create habits on social media the same way we teach ourselves to brush our teeth twice a day and eat some servings of fruits and vegetables.

I remember my first time sitting in a social media class, gawking at the idea of contributing even once a week on each social platform. Now I've found ways to post or interact each day, to develop a following.

3. You Do Actually Have Something to Say Each Day

When the marketing director told us to post something each day, I got worried. What on earth would I have to contribute for 31 days? I already struggled to come up with weekly content.

To my surprise, I actually did find something to post each day. From meals I enjoyed to spending time with friends, I did manage to find content to make it into at least one story a day.

How about you, writers? Have you gotten more active on a social media platform? If so, what have you observed?


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