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Where I've Been in the Hiatus

Good morning, writers!

Sorry for the delay in posts. It's been a whirlwind of a month.

What happened this month:

- In 24 days, I wrote the third book to the Blaze trilogy. It's with a beta now for fact checking.

- A good friend passed away in an accident, so we've been bouncing back from that.

- Depression's been at an all-time high.

- Various acting gigs from playing Belle (above picture) at an interactive event, landing a spot as a model in a wedding fashion show, and handbell performances have occupied my schedule.

- I'm currently waiting for edits back on book two of the Blaze trilogy. A beta just read it and said they even liked it better than the first, so that encouraged me.

- Said goodbye to my dad for eight months as he's snow-birding in Florida with his wife he married in March. They seem like they're really enjoying the warm weather.

The plan moving forward?

At this blog I'm still planning to:

- Give publishing tips whenever I stumble across them.

- Interview and have authors guest blog on here. Watch out for another interview October 25th.

- Give encouragements for authors in the industry.

- Keep you up-to-date on my publishing adventures.


Blaze trilogy: Book one sales are still going strong. Found out the other day it's available at Target and Wal-Mart. With the LPC/Iron Stream merger, I'm excited to see what happens. Book Two's under edits, Book Three with a beta.

Other books: My agent currently has out two children's books, three YA series, a romance, and a non-fiction book. Nothing but rejection so far (with the exception of a few full requests). Fingers crossed.

Agenting: Proud to have recently gotten clients a number of contracts in the past few months. It always makes my stomach do a flip whenever they open that email in their inbox.

Work: Working a billion side gigs. Putting out, for one job alone, 200 social media posts per week, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Send chocolate, please.

Depression: I wish I could say it's going down. For the moment, I'm in a better living situation, but a number of tumultuous events happened in the past few weeks. It's been hard to get minimal work hours and bounce back.

I think that's about it. Sorry for the brief update. I figured I'd fill you in about the hiatus. Once the storm passes, I plan to get more posts out there. Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday.

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